Abbreviation of Final Fantasy is FF!

You must be wondering what I'm talking about.
Everyone know FF means Final Fantasy.
But some Japanese are calling it Fi-Fan.
FInal FANtasy. Yeah.

It must sounds funny to English speakers but some people really call it so in Japan. And sometimes people discussed about correct way to call.
Recently Akitoshi Kawadsu(an executive producer in Square Enix) officially commented that FF is correct. They created the name Final Fantasy to abbreviate the title to 2 characters easily. So FF was correct. At least that's what they expected.

But I'm calling it Fi-Fan sometimes!
I feel it's easy to call a little bit.

Final Fantasy Unlimited - The Complete Collection
Final Fantasy Unlimited - The Complete Collection

Do you know this FF? It's as unpopular as Final Fantasy the movie. But I loved to watch this anime. Unfortunately the anime was finished on the way. Continuation of the story was made as novels but it was not beautiful way to end.
By the way, I noticed this DVD box art was censored a little.

Final Fantasy Unlimited - The Complete Collection


Did you notice it?




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