KIRA the three popular murderers among Japanese otaku.

1. Kira(Light Yagami)
Death Note - Vol. 1
The main character in Death Note. He murderes criminals to create a peacefull new world. For this purpose, he doesn't even hesitate about killing his own family. He is endowed with many talents and abilities. He can even remodel a drawer and a watch. However, he tends to overrate himself and say something unnecessary at the critical moment.

2.Kira Yamato
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed - Suspicious Motives (Vol. 7)Gundam Seed Destiny: TV Movie 4
A main character in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny(there are also some groups who insist the main character is Shin). He is a genius at operating GUNDAM. Though he insists that he is trying to stop the war, his action doesn't reduce the damage of war, rather, he increases it because he is too strong. His famous saying "Strength is not my all" made many watchers think "Is it a joke?". Because of his crackpot strength, his attack is sometimes considered to be a natural calamity like earthquakes or typhoons.

3. Kira Yoshikage(Kira is the family name)
A villain in Jojo's bizarre adventure (Part 4). He has a stand(formed spiritual energy) called Killer Queen. In contrast with other two men, his purpose of murder is not anything but a desire. He loves womens' beautiful hands so he get it from women he murdered. What he hopes is only to live peacefully without big happiness or big sadness.




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