Vol. 21 of Vampire Hunter D

吸血鬼ハンター 21 D-魔性馬車 (朝日文庫 き 18-33 ソノラマセレクション 吸血鬼ハンター 21)
I bought the latest volume of my favorite novel!

The title is "The Devilish Coach".
In this story, D's enemy is not like General Gaskell nor Valkyrie the Absolute Nobility(this volume is not published yet in USA so I don't know his correct spelling). I think the focus of this story is humans but not nobilities. Oh, don't spoil it? OK! OK! But I want to say that my favorite part is "In this timeless world, D spent several hundred million years."

Recently I think that vampire and strong enemies are not essential to Vampire Hunter D series. I'd like to read a story like "D visits a town and spend a few weeks without big troubles." Oh, I know Kikuchi sensei will never write such a boring story. This is a story of the world strongest vampire hunter.

Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 1Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 1
Yoshitaka Amano

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