The author of Crayon Shin-chan is gone.

Crayon Shin-Chan #10 (Crayon Shinchan - Reissue) (Bk. 10)

Today, Yoshito Usui the author of Crayon Shin-chan who was lost in Arafune mountain was found and his death was confirmed. I don't know if you know it or not, but his manga and anime made many children mimic Shin-chan and annoyed many parents.

I think gag manga is the most difficult genre. It needs both sanity and craziness. I read this week's Shonen Jump, and I found a good line in Bakuman(a manga of drawing manga).

"What kind of manga creater is the greatest manga creater? I came to a conclusion. It's the person who can draw uneventful days amusingly. If they can draw a common life just like a student has a breakfast and goes to school amusingly, the person is a genius. It means the person can draw anything amusingly."

He is one of the greatest manga creaters with no doubt.
But we can't read his work anymore.

Rest in peace, Usui sensei.





Oh no.. I can't believe it.. This is so depressing..
I loved Shin-chan, I never even expected this to happen.
I don't even know what to say..

Thanks for putting this up though.. ><

Re: D:

Thanks for your comment.
I heard TV anime of Shin-chan will continue.
I hope so even though it will not be the story he made.

No title

Is difficult to find words, when the world lose a great person that gave moments of enjoyment.

This News has even reached here on local papers in South America in Venezuela was very popular Crayon Shin-chan.

Re: No title

Wow. I didn't know his work is so popular in venezuela.
I'd like to read the paper. (because I can read spanish a little)
We lost a great person indeed.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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