Persona 4 Japanese and American difference Part 6

Kotatsu, Mikan, Rice cake, Snow.
Let's guess what I'm talking about.
They bring japanese the feeling of winter.

In a later part of Persona 4, they are talking about kotatsu and orange.
In japanese version, it's not orange but mikan.
I hope you know this fruit. (I heard mikan is sold in US too as Mikan or Satsuma).
Umm It's smaller than orange, and has thinner skin....
Generally we peel it by hands.
Kotatsu and mikan are very winter things to japanese.
We also eat orange but it's not a winter thing.
Actually I'm using kotatsu now. Mikans are in front of me.
kiki 003
I don't know why but "a cat in kotatsu" is also a symbol of winter.
By the way, did you enjoy this kotatsu talk in Persona 4?
I think it's not so funny if you haven't ever used it....
It's like I can't understand a talk about central heating.

Oh I know some people wondering "Don't Japanese use central heating?"
Answer is Yes! Most buildings don't have it.
But I heard people in Hokkaido(the northernmost prefecture) have.




So mikan and mandarine are the same?

Here in my country. Venezuela.

Maybe the Mikan are the same Mandarina here?

Re: So mikan and mandarine are the same?

> > Mikan are the same Mandarina here?
> Roughly speaking, YES.
> "Mandarin orange" seems to be the same as "unshuu mikan".
> But there are many kinds of mikan.
> The definition of mikan is very difficult because this word scientifically means all "Citrus" groups. And there are numberless kinds of citrus.
> Generally we call it mikan if it's small and is easy to peel by hands.
> If it's big and SWEET and is hard to peel by hands, it's orange. We call bitter orange "daidai"(I don't know why).
> Moreover, there are many "not mikan nor orange fruits" such as ponkan, hassaku, iyokan. Classification is always hard....
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