Two Nintendo DS games of Spice and Wolf.

狼と香辛料 ボクとホロの一年(通常版)(特典無し)

In Japan, A company made a video game of Spice and Wolf.
You are a monger and Horo asks you to take her to her home..
Yeah. Lawrence doesn't appear in this game.
It was full voice and the gameplay is not bad.(At least I felt so)
But Famitsu's(a famous video game magazine) score for it was 29/40.

I don't know whether this score made the company want to retry the work or not. But this month, the company released 2nd product. They seemed to learn what they were lacking. So let's look at their improvement.

狼と香辛料 海を渡る風(通常版)


Is this what they learned !? Nora, Eve(Abe?), and an original character appeared. The little girl's name is Ruka. She acts as a Lolita 4th heroine.
So there are a tomboy, a polite lady, a cool beauty, and a Lolita little girl. They made a perfect harem after all.
Oh, I have another news. This time, main character is Lawrence. It's not YOU. We dumned worthless people was fired......
I found a picture.

Don't think about the fact it seems to be different from the official story completely. OK! I think they made a great 2nd series. Let's look at Famitsu's score!



Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / Black
Nintendo DS Lite Crimson / Black




No title

I love 'Visual Novels' and also Love 'Spice and Wolf', but I had a difficult time trying to play the first one :(

too much Kanji :(

Re: No title

Kanji is difficult but is very convenient when you remember the basis.
I recommend learning the radicals of kanji characters.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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