The reason students use roof in school in anime.

school roof
In many anime (and some video games) there are scenes students are talking at roof. I found some people misunderstanding it. At first, most Japanese schools don't allows student entder the roof(Not all. I know some people who played at school roof. Oh, in some cases school allows students to take a group picture at there for class book. I've done that too). Practically it's only anime stuff.
Then why do they use roof scenes? It's because there is no other place that is suitable to make private area. Let's imagine. If they are allowed to enter roof, there must be other students there, right? It's very odd. But there is no better option.
Oh, there are two exceptions. PE storehouse and nurse's office.
They are used for "We are alone" situation.....with erotic meaning.
If you are watching many anime, you must have ever seen situations like this.




umm, ROOF

I was talking about this with a friend when we were watching the Dorama of Iryu Team Medical Dragon、So this about the roof happens not only in school, but also at the Hospital, Your House Roof, Your Building Roof (instead of using your own apartment), Even in some cases I have seen that It is also used the Roof of Commercial Buildings、 Like in Shibuya Commercial Roof to look down everyone like Ants Or Akiba Commercial Building Roof.

So this makes perfect sense that is not open to public, because they always use the Roof to stay alone.

What do you think about it?

Re: umm, ROOF

Hi! Thanks for a good question.
My friend (a nurse) told me that it depends on hospitals. But some hospitals allows patients to use there. They use there as a garden. And some need to use it to dry up washed clothes just like the TV drama does.
By the way, in the Iryu medical dragon I laughed as hell when I saw top naked Asada is doing "the image training" on the roof.....
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