The illustrator of Spice And Wolf seems to have a problem about the cover art.

According to the author HASEKURA Isuna's blog, the illustrator who is drawing the novel's cover art has a problem. He(or She?) seems not to have new ideas about Horo's pose anymore. I know he is drawing only Horo on the cover but didn't know it's so hard to make variation about it.
Let's see his all arts from the first volume.
狼と香辛料 (電撃文庫)
Vol.1 Standing. (I love this art)
狼と香辛料〈2〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol.2 Running
狼と香辛料〈3〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol.3 Sitting.
狼と香辛料〈4〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol.4 Standing. Oh, 2nd time.
狼と香辛料〈5〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol. 5 Sitting. 2nd time.
狼と香辛料〈6〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol. 6 Standing and....scoop up water? He started to use an tool.
狼と香辛料〈7〉Side Colors (電撃文庫)
Vol. 7 Standing and holding wheat.
狼と香辛料〈8〉対立の町(上) (電撃文庫)
Vol. 8 Sitting.
狼と香辛料 9 (9) (電撃文庫 は 8-9)
Vol. 9 Standing.
狼と香辛料〈10〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol. 10 Standing with a muffler.
狼と香辛料〈11〉Side Colors2 (電撃文庫)
Vol. 11 Sitting.
狼と香辛料〈12〉 (電撃文庫)
Vol. 12 Crawling??

Stand, run, sit, stand, sit, stand, stand, sit, stand, stand, sit, crawl.
Horo is busy as hell ! (Laughs)
He clearly is avoiding drawing similar pose. But this novel will not be finished soon. He has to continue to make her new poses.
Will we see that Horo is posing like "JoJo's bizarre adventure" someday?
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Volume 1 [JOJOS BIZARRE ADV V01]




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