Spice and Wolf vol.12


Finally it's released!!
The story doesn't advance so much but it's interesting. Especially the brown skin girl.....OH! This is a spoiler! I can't tell you this. Foreign fans have to wait till Yen Press release it. Vol.1 is released in december.

I know some fans are translating original novels by themselves. I admire their passion (though it's completely illegal). Fans' translation is not bad at some views but the biggest weakness is that original creater never check it. This is why unofficial works can't become perfect even though official works also have mistakes.

Well, there may not be perfect translation after all. For example, Horo calls herself wacchi. This means "I". Boku, Ore, Watashi. Japanese words have many "I" and there is no way to express these differences by English. Of course there are similar cases when we translate English to Japanese. I had a trouble when I translate "He ismy brother". It's big brother? Or younger brother? We have no Japanese word to express "brother".




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Thanks for the volume update =D

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You are Welcome!
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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