I've watched Terminator 2 just now.

It was flickering on the TV. There are many fans of this series in Japan too. But of course I watched dubbed version. Terminator's last line "Good bye" was "Sayonara" in dub. (Funny?)
I noticed some lost things in translation which I've not ever noticed. In the last scene, Terminator says some "sorry", right? In dubbed one, he says it only once. And his "I need a vacation" was changed to "shuuri ga hitsuyou da"(I need a repair).
I don't scold the translater because most Japanese watchers don't know it's a joke from Kindergarden Cop. Moreover, Japanese don't use as much jokes as Americans do.
I guess Japanese may dislike machines with high humanity becuase it's just a human but not a machine anymore. At least the line "I know now why you cry" was enough to impress me.
By the way, Japanese voice actor of the terminator is Genda Tesho. Do you know him? He is the VA of Toguro in Yuyu Hakusho. I understand why he was chosen!

And John's VA is Namikawa Daisuke. He did role of Rock in Black Lagoon.

also did Benawi in Utawarerumono. He is good at fresh males' role.

However, he is doing bad guys like Eustass Kid in One Piece too.
captain kid
Can you imagine they are the same VA?
I'm always surprised by their great skills.
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