How to send a fan letter to manga creaters.

I've ever seen some fans who are thinking about this.
In most cases, you can send them to publishers if the author is drawing the work now. But of course you need to wright by Japanese. They'll check and send them to authors. If they don't keep contact with authors because authors are retired, I have no idea. Though there is a possibility that publishers still keep contact, you shouldn't expect so much.

Do they really read letters?
It depends on authors. Many authors are very busy but I heard that they are glad to read it. Even Togashi sensei (author of Yuyu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter) told readers that he's reading all fan letters and he don't want rude letters like "Prove it if you really read this". Some authors reply them but there are cases that instead of authors publishers make a reply.

Can I send a complaint?
I guess publishers don't bother authors so they may not send complaints to them. But they may send it if you love the work and the complaint is a part of opinions.

At last I'd like to tell you one thing. If you are reading scanlations, do you tell authors that? Do you write a letter like "I've not ever bought your manga but I love them."? I know some of you are not able to buy your favorites in your country. There are some rooms for discussion. But illegal is illegal after all. You don't have to send a fan letter if you want to expect your respect for authors. To buy works is the best way.
Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 22
Hunter x Hunter, Vol. 22




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