Alcohol Censorship in two video games. Tales Of Phantasia and Persona 4.

Tales of Phantasia 
 I'm so glad if you guys know this RPG. This is my eternal favorite.
OK, so I'm gonna talk about alcohol censorship in this.
 In the past arc, there is a scene that main characters have a dinner with a traveler.

US version.
JPN version.

US version removed alcohol.
 However !! The important thing is that Japanese one had also gotten censored. Tales Of Phantasia was made for SFC (Japanese call SNES so) first, and was remaked for PS, GBA, PSP in Japan. In PS and SNES version, Arche also got drunk in that scene. But in GBA and PSP version she doesn't drink because she is under age and now's censorship has gotten stricter. DAMMIT.
 I guess this is why they removed illustrations in the ED.

 And Tales of Symphonia and Star Ocean 2 also has changed the name of alcohol items. For example, in ToS US version, Palmacosta Wine has been changed to Palma Potion. I know Lloyd and almost all his members are under age. But I think this is ridiculous. How come they can use swords and spells if using alcohol is a problem. Is murder better than drink?

At the end, I'll talk about Persona 4.
This censorship was done not only for US but also for JPN. Do you know this scene?
drunk rise
 If so, can you believe they are not drunk but just are drunk-like feeling? I can't believe. What I believe is that Atlus made an silly excuse to make them act like a drunk "without drink". I don't like this unnatural solution. I understand that they want a lower rating to sell many games but they must do it WELL.




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lol i love your rant and i agree with your point wholeheartedly! ^__^

The US are too sensitive about alcohol consumption. Their censors are much stricter with sex and alcohol, while all the gore and violence is okay.

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> The US are too sensitive about alcohol consumption. Their censors are much stricter with sex and alcohol, while all the gore and violence is okay.

Thanks! I think gore and violence is easier to show in US than in Japan. This difference is very interesing.

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I'd like to mention that in the US version of Persona 4, they don't go into specifics of what, exactly, the characters are drinking. Rise says she "told 'em to give us soft drinks! They're non-alcoholic", and then emphasizes it with a "Really! I did! Really!"but that doesn't mean she forgot, or the bartender didn't slip something "extra" in the drinks for Risette, or get the orders mixed up, or... well, there's a lot of things that can go wrong at a club. I know one time at a restaurant in the US I was given a real daiquiri when I had asked for a "virgin", since i was underage (virgin = no alcohol). Then there was the time I was at a bowling alley and they didn't bother carding before noon (still underage)...

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that to me, it didn't seem too "unnatural"because Atlus never addresses whether or not they're actually soft drinks, but leaves it ambiguous enough that they COULD be alcoholic. Nobody mentions the TASTE of the drinks, for example.

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Thanks for your comment.
I too think Atlus didn't do bad job so much. At least they left some possibilities.
But I didn't even want Atlus make it ambiguous.
The reason they did it is not anything but rating issue.
I don't wanna see "realistic" problems while I'm playing video games.
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Someone's work.


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