Warner Bros get Death Note !! Japanese are pessimistic about it?

Warner Brothers acquired live action Death Note rights.
I'm looking forward to watching it because I felt that Japanese version (of the film) is plain. I hope Warner Bros make it so gorgeous.
OK. I'm gonna introduce some Japanese impressions to you but you shouldn't think I translated them perfectly. And they are just some people's opinions.

"Didn't they learn a lesson from Dragon Ball's failure?"
"Death Note Revolution!!"
"I can see that it will be popular among school and it will turn into a social problem."
"This is a original story, right? I expect of it this time"
"Anything will be awesome after you watched Dragon Ball Revolution"
"Will it become something like X-file?"
"Death Note is suitable for Hollywood."
"Hollywood must have gotten what kind of manga they should remake. This is it. This will be awesome and will be superior to Japanese one."
"I don't think they can express exist of those "shinigami"."
"How do they change Misa-misa? They shouldn't cosplay."
"They are very likely to do it. lol"
"I bet Light is doing a officer from the beginning. Story will go quickly by that."
"Does this mean they borrow only idea from it?"
"By this I can't stop feeling that Hollywood really has no theme to make a story"
"I can't wait till I see shinigami CG."

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