Persona4 Japanese and American difference Part3

In school campout, Yosuke ate kanji's animal crackers.
In Japanese version, the snack is Ottotto(Hard to pronounce?).
This is a japanese snack. To tell the truth, I don't like it so much.
Although I haven't ate it for 10 years, if I remember correctly, it is salty taste.
Officially, it has 7 forms such as squid, octopus,starfish,globefish,tuna,turtle,crab.
And the secret form is not penguin but submarine. Moreover, there seems to be other 6 secret forms. It's too many to express secret isn't it?
By the way, I have to say "animal crackers" are no popular in Japan. At least I haven't ever seen or eaten it. I don't even know if it's sold in Japan or not.
One comment reminds me there is a snack like animal crackers in japan.
That is Tabekko doubutsu.(gluttonous animals?)
I heard it has about 46 animals but does it has secret one? I don't know.

Ummm I feel I've eaten it a long time ago.... But what I remember clearly is that this snack appeared in a manga "Jojo's bizarre adventure".
ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 (38) (ジャンプ・コミックス)animals.jpg
Although this manga has been licensed in america, unfortunately this part(4th part) has not been released yet. My favorite villain Kira Yoshikage is there. I hope you can get this someday. You can see a true murderer....




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I know a biscuits in the shape of a animals,"tabekko doubutu".
The biscuits are branded own name of a kind of animal in English to be leaned by kids.
It taste sweet and used plenty of butter.
I liked it.

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i would often eat "tabekko doubutu" too.
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Someone's work.


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