I've fisnished reading Starship Mutiny

Left one is Japanese version I've read.
スターシップ―反乱 (ハヤカワ文庫SF)Starship: Mutiny (Starship, Book 1) (Bk. 1)
BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Commander Cole has twice been busted down from Captain for refusing to follow orders when he didn't like them. Having been thrice decorated though, he is too good to drum out of the navy. Eventually, Cole pushes the brass too far politically and they in return push him to far - to the point of mutiny.

So cool scifi novel !!
I like that each events are compact and MC is not too strong. I was relieved Cole doesn't destroy thousands battle ships by wonderful skills.
It's too bad I can't get the sequels. Japanese versions haven't be published in Japan yet.
Please hurry up, translater!!
Starship: Pirate (Starship, Book 2)Starship: Mercenary (Starship, Book 3)

Though there are many translated literatures in Japan, scifi books are not enough to me. Huh? Don't Japanese make their own scifi novels? Yes, we make. But I don't feel good.....umm....scifi idea from them. Is this because I'm Japanese who is attracted by foreign culture? Who knows.
But I love Vampire Hunter D. This is one of the best fusion of fantasy and scifi feeling.
Vampire Hunter D, Vol. 1
Foreign anime lovers may be jealous of Japanaese, but I want you to remember that we Japanese scifi lovers are jealous of foreign scifi lovers. I have to learn English more to read original novels !!




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