The cherry blossom!

Spring has come around my house!!
Yeah. I can feel it has come now.
You may know that Japanese love this flowers as a symbol of spring.
There are numerous anime which use cherry blossom.
But did you notice a cultural difference in these common scenes?
school1.jpgSchool Rumble, Vol. 1
shool2.jpgRosario + Vanpire 1
school3.jpgCardcaptor Sakura - The Clow (Vol. 1)
In Japan, school begins in April. Not in October.
There is a song which has "When cherry blossom come out, we become first graders" in the words. I was surprised when I noticed many foreign school don't begin in spring.
OK. Why do our school begins in April? There is an interesting opinion.
This is because our military school did it before.
But military school did it because fiscal year of the government did it before.
Government did it because United Kingdom did it before.
So this may not be a Japanese culture!




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