The reason Anime characters sometimes say ONE line in their sleep.

I think some of you sometimes hear this in anime. This is an usual line in sleep and is not limited to anime. Why? To be honest, I either don't know why but this origin may date back to very old days. I heard this line has been there before creation of anime starts.
I guess this originated in the postwar days. There were numberless people who is hungry in those days. To eat plenty was their common dream. It's very natural that old manga creators who experienced such days affected their works and present creators who read their manga.
There is another possibility. The hungry had existed since very old times. So "I can't eat any more" in dream might have existed in amusement works as a joke.
This may be the same reason that there are many gluttons in anime and manga. In advanced countries(includes present Japan), many people regard eating plenty is usual but not so wonderful. We may be the one who is unusual.
Grave of the Fireflies [Region 2]
I watched this anime in ethic class in my junior high school. It was too gross to us! Those maggots....uhhh....




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