Persona 4 Japanese and American difference Part2

This is not an edit or a censorship but I think this is a cultural difference.. In Kanji arc, people are talkking about "Biker Gangs". What's your image of it? To tell the truth, this group called bousouzoku is very Japanese thing. They are not like these people.

bike gang

Generally most of them are minors and they drive at night. They don't have guns but have knives and bats sometimes.(By the way, in persona 4 Naoto has a hand gun. This is illegal of course). I heard there are a few adult members too. Don't ask me why. Probably they don't have any friend besides these damn kids. Their bikes don't have high power engine but make terrible noise. This is the symbol for them. Bousou means "running recklessly"(zoku means clan) but they don't drive so fast. They drive very slowly with huge noise instead. Don't ask me why. Probably  it's their self assertion. So we should call them "noisy clan" otherwise "silly kids who are playing biker gang"

However, they are certainly worthless people. Some of them becomes true gang. After all, I think biker gang was a suitable translation. By the way, this is a stereotype but my image of "western biker gang" is him.
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