Two musical instruments in Naruto Music.

This is "Geki To Geki" (Strong And Strike). I love this music and I found a person who wonders what the two musical instruments that we can hear from 23 seconds is. One is a stringed instrument and another one sounds like a flute.
I can answer first one. This is "shamisen". A Japanese stringed instrument.

But I don't understand what the frute-like sound is. Probably it is Shakuhachi or Shinobue.
Shakuhachi is this sound.

Shinobue is this.

But as for the Japanese flute, there are also other types which is called "Noukan" and "Ryuteki". They are too similar to distinguish.
japanese flute
It's very rare to see people who use these traditional musical instruments now because western cultures strongly affected us. But I guess that some of you must hear them in Japanese festival scenes. Festival traditions have not changed.




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