Gundam 00 is finished.

And to be continued to a film!

Damn it. I hate this "Pay money if you want to know what truly happened" trend even though I understand they can't get money so much only by broadcasting. They must know how sad we are when we go to a movie alone.

OK. I'm gonna show you Japanese watchers' impression. This is my translation so correct meaning may be wrong. Please remember these are just some people's opinion.

Ribbons cannon!!
Yeah. Ribbons cannon LOL
(*I don't know how foreign people feel but this name is silly and funny to Japanese.)
I wanted Ribbons to say "Gundam. Launching!"
(*This is Amuro Ray's famous line. They are the same actor)
Amuro drives O Gundam. This is just destiny!
I'm impressed with Exia vs O gundam.
I couldn't be impressed because of Poor Princess's song.
(* Poor princess is Marina's nickname among Japanese fans because her life was getting worse whenever she appears. But some fans love her misfortune and some calls her just "poor"after her country ruined.)
Poor's song sucks!
What was the meaning of Poor Princess in this series?
I didn't think the battery can beat someone.
(* Battery is Allelujah's nickname because his duty in season 2 episode 13 "Attack to Memento Mori" was only the thrust of an engine by Trans-AM. Moreover, his lines were only "How did she get it?" "Trans-AM!""Lockon Stratos!" )
Even now I can't stand this opening song.
I think so too. This song never match the movie.
This is too late but what the F of Setsuna F Seiei means?
Mr. Bushido had no work in this episode.......
Did Poor Princess and Bushido do something?
Who is that man who did harakiri? Bushido?
No. I guess he is Billy's uncle.
Japanese did harakiri !! LOL
Little bear must have died!!
(Little bear is Andrei's nickname because his dad was called Russian Wild Bear.)
Yeah! Little bear must die!!
Everything went too well. Main characters didn't die.
Do you mean many dead make a good story? No way! But I don't like that Setsuna's GN particle cured Lasse and Louise.
This is not finished after all. This is jut like "Our true fight begins now!!"
Poor princess rebuilt her country by the royalties from her song!
I think the true heroine in this anime is Tieria.
And the true winner is Colasour !!

Well, I think Gundam 00 "could be worse" after all. The scriptwriter Kuroda Yosuke knows how to amuse audience. Do you know that he also wrote the story of Scryed? I love this work. Gundam 00 is not so exciting but I heard a rumor that Gundam story has some rules like "show Gundam at least once for each episodes to sell toys".
I will not go to the movie for Gundam 00 but I want to watch it by a rental DVD.
S-Cry-Ed - Final Fight (Vol. 6)Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Season 1, Pt. 1




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