Otaku chemistry is not only Japan.

元素周期 萌えて覚える化学の基本
This book is "The Periodic Table: Learning Basic Chemistry through Moe".
We can learn chemical elements by cute characters. Probably people think that Japanese are geeks. I don't deny it but there is a Senpai in America!

She is Lucy Jane Rider Meyer. She is a social worker and educator who wrote "Fairy Land Of Chemistry" in 1887. It also used personalised chemical elements. So let's compare them with Japanese one.
hydrogen.jpgmoe H
They are so alike! Strictly speaking, left one is a hydrogen molecule and right one is a hydrogen atom. Japanese artist might think "Hydrogen is very light so she must be a fairy!".

Hmmm not alike. Japanese one is expressing that "Nitrogen is very famous as liquid nitrogen which uses freezing experiments. And this element is necessary for gun powder". Let's check youtube. You can see many crazy experiments with liquid nitrogen.

oxygen.jpg moe O
Hmmm I can't comment...lol. By the way, have you ever wondered that there is liquid nitrogen but liquid oxygen exist? Of course there is. And liquid hydrogen exist too. But it's too dangerous and difficult to make liquid hydrogen. This is one of the reasons that we can't get hydrogen vehicle easily.
I think this movie is helpful to understand liquid oxygen.

Another crazy experiment.

chloro.jpgmoe Cl
A nurse! At least you can get an image that chlorine is used for disinfection from Japanese one. Chlorine smell reminds me of swimming class in my junior high school days. I hate that smell !
There seems to be many kinds of science manga though I guess many science cartoons are there too. However, I think that the most important thing is not to find enjoyable science books but to find enjoyment of science. I know science is as fantastic as anime and manga.
The Manga Guide to PhysicsThe Manga Guide to DatabasesThe Manga Guide to Electricity




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