Tales Of Symphonia. American and Japanese difference. "Honey"

Tales of Symphoniazelos kun
Zelos Wilder.
He is one of my favorite characters. The comic relief of the group, the ladies' man, tends to make blunt observations. They are almost the same between American one and Japanese one. However, I noticed a difference. In Japanese version, Zelos uses the word HONEY to not only females but also males. Especially he calls Lloyd honey many times..
Do you feel this is gay? lol I think this expresses his "light" attitude toward people very well. Don't native speakers call someone honey as a joke? Do they get angry by being called so? I'm curious.
Oh I have to say another point. Of course there is no HONEY in Japanese words but not a few Japanese know honey and darling as borrowed words. I don't know why but many Japanese believe "Honey is used from men to women" and "darling is used from women to men".
Is this because men are too bitter to call honey? As for darling, Lamu always call main character Darling in "Urusei Yatsura". This may be one of the reasons. But I think American TV drama "Bewitched" might be affected. This drama was popular in Japan too(You are surprised?) and there is Darrin, right? In dubbed version, his wife was calling him "Daarin" so this might affect people.
Urusei Yatsura, TV Series 1 (Episodes 1-4)Bewitched: The Complete First Season

This is not related to the topic but I noticed other small difference of Zelos's line in an important scene.This is a big spoiler so don't read following text if you've not finished TOS.








American one.
Zelos: Might as well go all out, right?
Lloyd: You bastard!
Zelos: You can call me whatever you like. It's not gonna change anything. Are you ready?
(When Zelos is beaten)
Zelos: Damn...heh heh heh...
Lloyd: We trusted you...

Japanese one.(my translation)
Zelos: Let's go all out if we have to fight.
Lloyd: You idiot!
Zelos: I'm a truly idiot, right? Here I go.
(When Zelos is beaten)
Zelos: I'm no cool...heh heh heh...
Lloyd: We trusted you are our buddy...

I wonder why they changed them a little. Especially the 3rd line.
I may tend to side with Japanese one because I'm Japanese but I feel that Japanese Zelos's VA did greater job. Especially his last laugh sounds better and sadder. How do you think?




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