My favorite quote(from Yuyu Hakusho)


"Everyone has something that matters to them that they can protect or destroy. Kids have pets or toys; an adult has a child. Your something, Yusuke, just happens to be a whole lot bigger. With your new powers, you control all our fates. So, what’s next? That’s the question hidden beneath all your other feelings. Will you become the person who protects or destroys?"

I like this line.
BUT I felt something weird when I heard this (English) line first.
I checked Japanese line and got that English line is a little different from original one.

Original line is this.
"People have something that they can destroy according to their mood.
Toys, pets, a lover, a family, or a country.
And what you have is bigger than anyone else's. Simple as that.
Came here when something makes you want to destroy all. I'll give my life first."

I think English one is also good.
And I like this line too.

"You call me justice. But I have no will like that.
Guys I hate happen to be villains. That's it."

The author has a unique idea about good and evil.




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