An interview to "It's not my fault I'm not popular" creaters.

A Japanese site featured my favorite manga.
So I tanslated their inteview.

Interviewer:Why did you two become Mangaka?
(The author of It's not my fault~~~~ is a couple of a writer(male) and an illustrator(female))

The writer:When I was 22 or 23, I couldn't get a job.
So I just thought I may be able to make money by making manga because common jobs looks hard but mangaka can do their work at home.
We just thought so in spite of that we hadn't ever drawn manga....

Iterviewer:It surprised me....When and how did you see each other?

The writer:We met when I was 20. So it's about 10 years ago.
Our part time job was the same.

Interviewer:Which one began to say to draw manga?

The writer:It's me.

(some questions are omitted)

Interviewer:Why did you decide to make a story about Mojo(unpopular girl)?

The editor:It was by chance that I saw a forum about Mojo. And I felt it's interesting so I proposed it to them.

The interviewer:Did they accept it easily?

The writer:I did(Laughs). I didn't have anything else that I want to make at the moment. We were thinking about a history manga too but it sounded very hard to investigate.

Interviewer:Did you refer to forums about Mojo.

The writer:I looked at some forums but the information was too many....I just understood there are various Mojo and there is no perfect example.
So I had to make what I like.

Interviewer:So didn't you make the character with concrete knowledges?

The writer:NO. I still don't know what it is.

The illustrator:And he is not even female.
I believe he doesn't know how this character feel truly.
Moreover, we are no high school students.
We don't know how high schoolers really feel.

Interviewer:Who decided the title "It's not my fault~~"

The writer:I did. We had some titles else but the fashion of "to name long titles to manga and light novels" were finishing at the moment so I decided that title.

The editor:I asked them to choose "a long name which people easily understand the content".
Looking back now, "Choku" went wrong because the title is hard to undertand the story(Laughs)

The interviewer:I heard you three had many troubles about making the protagonist Mokocchi.

The editor:We really had a big dispute about it.

The writer:The editor refused the not-cute character we made first.

The editor:We agreed with a compromise plan at last.

The illustrator:He(she?) asked a cute girl but that's not what we like.
We made him permit it by adding a cute face expression to her.

Interviewer:Do you pay any attentions when you draw it?

The writer:We try not to give her factors she gets popular.
It wouldn't be realistic if she has any charms in spite of that she calls herself no unpopular.
That's why her character is also weird.
There is some manga that have unpopular boys in spite of that they have good looking.
Our manga is different.

The interviewer:I'm not gonna rude but are you drunk when you make the story?
I don't think I can make such pitiful episodes without alcohol.

The writer:No(laughs). These episodes are better than what I experienced in high school days.

The interviewer:Do you enjoy to make the episodes?

The writer:My nightmare was a long time ago.
And this is just manga. I don't feel any pains when I make it.

The interviwer:This is a question to the illustrator.
How do you feel the episodes when he hands over it to you?

The illustrator:I too am a person who doesn't often go out and try to talk to few people.
So I either don't feel pains. Rather, I think it's funny to many people.
Some episodes are too pitiful but the editor refuses them in that case.
In a sense, we neutralize our manga by that.

The interviewer:Are there more pitiful episodes!?

The illustrator:We don't make just an embarrassing story.
Rather, it saves us that readers regard it as an embarrassing fun.
I think it's not us but readers that have a good sense.

The intervewer: How pitiful is the story before the editor makes them milder?

The editor:Too pitiful to publish.

The interviwer:This is about the phrase "a popular manga in a foreign 2ch-like forum". Did the editor make this phrase?

The editor:Yes. People around me said "Why don't you use it?"

(some questions are omitted)

Interviewer:It's very interesting that this manga began to be popular at foreign sites at first then the rumor spread in Japan.

The writer:I never thought it got popular abroad(Laughs).
To me, it's still mysterious many people read our manga.

Interviewer:It has gotten popular from last Octobar.
Did you notice it in those days?

The editor:I heard it and just thought "What's going on?".

The writer:We suddenly got some comments from foreign countries in our twitter.
We used to use it to announce something when our Choku(The manga they published first) was goin on.

The illustrator:We rarely used it in those days but we got many comments because we tried to reply most of them.
Some of them told us there is a site called "4chan".
Many twitter users are so kind and care us.

The writer:We got numerous replys when 1st volume was published.
We don't often talk to someone in twitter because it may just bother them.
Instead we try to reply them as many as as possible.

Interviewer:Do you reply all of them?

The writer:We do unless we are so busy.
I can't make a funny reply but am enjoying it.

Interviewer:Did Kiuchi-san(the editor) think this manga could be popular among common people?

The editor: I felt it's a little "spiky" so I expected it might be sold unexpectedly.

Interviewer:How is the sale?

The editor:1st volume was sold very well so we published 10 times as many first copies as 1st voume's one.

Interviewer:It's also published in GanGan Online.
Is this one of the reasons the manga was sold well?

The witer:I think it hadn't happened if they didn't publish it there. Easy and free to read must be a big factor.

The illustrator:I think so too.
It's the reason many people in the world read it
They don't have to go out to pick it up.
People read books made by obscure writers if it's free.
I appriciate GanGan online.

Interviewer: I heard you got an interview from a foreign person. really?

The illustrator:Yes. He seems to live in south america.
At first I thought this story is very Japanese but Many fans told us it's the same in their places too.
I'm glad to hear it.

Interviewer:Would you tell me your favorite works?

The writer:"TEN Tenhodori no Kaidanji"(A mahjong manga drawn by the same man as Kaiji). A character says "It's ok if you just live well". This line made me think I can just make manga.

The illustrator:I love the world of the animation "Snoopy".
There isn't any adult characters nor voice by adults.
Our works "Choku" and "It's not my...." are the same.
I love the situation there is no other stuffs nor voice besides ourselves.

Interviewer:You once published a dojinshi of "Maria Watches Over Us", didn't you?

The writer:Yes but it's no hentai.

The illustrator:We made 100copies and....

The writer:Only two fo them were sold. I guess I still have them in my house.

Interviewer:Would you tell me your dream?

The writer:I wanna continue to do my job till I'm fifty. I'm gonna save enough money to enjoy my old age.

The interviewer:How realisic!!(Laughs)

The illustrator:Yes. I too wanna keep the idea "I wanna draw stuff like this next year too" every years.

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まとめ【An interview to "It'】

A Japanese site featured my favorite manga. So I tanslated their inteview.Interviewer:Why did you t




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