Japan authority is investigating the lottery in mobile phone games.

Recently I saw a news "Authority is investigating comp-gacha"
Comp-gacha??? This was a new word to me.
At first, (According to Mr.google) it means Complete Gacha-gacha games.
The meaning of Gacha(Gacha-gacha) was originally Capsule Toy in English but it also means lottery-like elements in mobile phone (online) games now.

Complete gacha is a kind of lottely elements that you can get rare prizes(or can achieve something special) if you gather some prizes by the lottery.

What the problem is?
Generally, lottery itself in online games is no problem (though I don't know the laws well)
We can guess how many times we need to bet to win in common lottery. But complete-gacha system seems to be hard to understand and we tend to forget how much money we need. Especially, children are just dupe. This is why the authority is investigating if this system is against laws and regulations.

This investigation may affect the business of mobile phone games. But it won't ruin all of lottery-like online games because lottery itself is legal and companies must make their own voluntary restraints to protect their market.

Oh, It reminds me of one case. Japanese RPGs often have casino in their game world.(I have no idea what generated this tendency....) I think casino in Pokemon was censored in some EU countries.

Hmmm, so this is a talk about the boundary between legal and illegal. It's difficult to decide. I spend so much money for a card game of yuyu-hakusho(I still have the cards!). Yugioh, Pokemon, trading cards are absolutery legal but it has a lottery element. We can't ban all of these stuff. To companies, this is a tasty business.

But we shouldn't forget this. Nothing is more dangerous than a little distorted legal acts.





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