Bastard Vol.27 is finally coming.


It's been a long time. Yeah. Too long!
I think there are 3 kings of hiatus.
1. Hagi(the author)
2. Togashi(Hunter X Hunter)
3. Hiroe(Black Lagoon)

Saiyuki is also on hiatus but she is fighting against a terrible disease.
Recently Togashi continuously drew his work for 30 weeks and went to hiatus this week. This is a great record to him (really).

Well, Hagi and Togashi both have children(I don't know Hiroe's situation). So I understand they want to use their time for family. And their works is sold very much. There is no reason they have to work seriously.
There is a joke that editors have their mangaka(who is becoming rich) use money to keep them poor!
Sounds terrible? Yes. But most people don't do hard work when they're satisfied with good family and good income.(I guess this is why many famous mangaka can't make great 2nd work)




A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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