Kugimiya voice in Asura's Wrath!!!

Asura's Wrath

I bought it!

ASURA’S WRATH?廻KAI? (1) (角川コミックス・エース 367-1)

Comic too!!

It's been 3 or 4 years since I bought the last video game.
First of all, I'm very satisfied with this game.
(I complain graphics and lack of variety of moves, though).
I know many complaints like "This is no video game" or "It's too short" or "It's too repetitive".

I guess they must had expected games like BAYONETTA.
This is an action-like shooter-like anime-like race-like game.
Many "To be continued" and previous notes are just like watching anime.
(Some parts reminds me of Naruto and Scryed).
I don't know what genre is correct but I felt that developers made many efforts to amuse us. Many worked to me.

Some says it's too short(you can beat it within 6 hours). But this length is suitable to me. I don't(can't) play games for long time. Am I aged? Ahhhhh. Maybe.

BUT even I agree the ENDING is another TO BE CONTINUED.
They should rename this game as "Asura's Wrath 0.5".(Laugh)
However, I don't think this is "bad". There is no rules like games must finish at last. "Back To The Future" also had To Be Continued.
OK! It depends on. And it's natural some gamers gets angry. But it also surprised you, right?
To some, multiple ending is as bad as "To be continued".
But there is no rules. That's why video games are fun.
Extremely, it's ok that a video game which never end.

This is just my imagination but the mysterious villain appeared at last may be an western(christian) god. It'd be obviously an angel if the blonde person has wings and a ring on head. "Eastern myth meets western myth at last. War of gods begins now. To be continued..." Pretty good, isn't it? But it would cause some arguments.

BY THE WAY, I surprised that Kugimiya Rie's voice was left in English version too. This is because this character(a girl) speaks unknown language so they don't have to dub it(Did you think they were speaking Japanese?). Interesting. In Japanese version, she and Mithra were both acted by Kugimiya to emphasis that she reminds Asura of his daughter. But it is enough by the face? Yes.

My questions for translation.
1.Why didn't they translate shinkoku? "Gods country" is bad? I know religious issues are risky but Gods Eater(God Eater in Japan) was OK, wasn't it?
2.Augus's line "wine" is weird. They are drinking sake.

Q and A.

Q. Why does Wayzen shout "Furikara Fudo uchiiiiii!!" when he attacks?

A. Ummmm, it's just like Shoryuken. I too wonder why Japanese characters shout names of their move.

Q. What is "Messatsu" Deus shouts around the last part?

A. Exterminate in English.

Q. What does Hamaya(the bombshells) means?

A. Break-evilness-arrow. Hama is an buddism term, I think. Japanese shrines sell Hamaya as talisman at new year's time.

There are many buddism terms in this game. I don't know them in detail. They left many Japanese words but I think they can translate and give them cool names in English.




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