4chan? What's that?


I bought 3 books.
Vampire Hunter D vol.6.
The Lost Fleet (Beyond the frontier) Dreadnaught.
Watashi ga motenai noha dou kangaetemo omaera ga warui.

The last one is....."It's all you guys' fault that I can't be popular among boys no matter how many times I think!!" if it's translated literally.
Hmmm, Crazy titles seems to be popular these days.
But what interested me is not the title but the string of text.


2ch(2chan)-like board? WHat's that?(If you ask me what 2ch is, I say it's a huge Japanese board gossip lovers gather)
I googled it and Kotaku answered me.
4chan used to promote a Japanese manga.
Wow. I've not ever known 4chan.

Generally to menthion dojin and scanlation is risky for companies.
They can't approve it but can't eliminate all of them either.
But this manga used it as an advertisement.
Very interesting. I wonder how editors thought about it.(though there is a probability that they didn't think anything)

Anyway, this manga is a story about a depressing lonely otaku girl.
I know otaku girls are no rare these days. Lucky Star, There's No Way My Little Sister is This Cute, I have few friends. But most of them are cute and fun. It makes this manga very unique.

Simply put, this heroine is dirty and pathetic. Yes. Dirty. Her eyes are like a dead fish. Drawing itself is also dity(though the author may be drawing it so on purpose).
For examle, have you ever puked by watching your face in mirror?
She did.
Konata has many friends but she has no friend. And she even thinks "I want them (having many friends) die by accident in exchange for 1 year of my life"
She often say something Konata never say.

"Am I cute? At least I'm not ugly, right? No. It would be an insult for real ugly guys if I call my rank ugly."
"I'd be virgin forever if losing virgin hurts like this!"
"Sorry, little bro. I can't do any sexual things like hentai games because you are ugly and have no charm as male"
"Is it true that you can fuck the female manager in your football club if you get a score in official game?"
"Yu-chan, you are still a good girl even tough you became a whore(someone's girlfriend)."

To be honest, she must has a kind of social anxiety disorder. I feel this is more realistic than "I have few friends". This manga gives you hilarious moments too so I recommend it for people tired of sugar-like comedy and want something bitter.





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