Sex in video games.

There are many discussions about this issue.
So I tell you my opinion.

At first, I think there are 3 types of "sex games".
1. Porn games.
Many so-called Hentai games are game-like graphic novels with voice. I don't wanna call them video games because they have few gameplay(I know there are some exceptions). They are sold for adults only so talking anout them as sex games is like "Are Porn magazines not suitable for children?" to me.

However, there are issues like "There must not be any censorship for adult products?". For exapmple, CERO(Japanese censorship association for games) bans too much gore and nudity, so tits in "God Of War 3" were censored in spite of that they got the highest age gate. Moreover, Japanese laws don't permit us to show genitals in any medium(some of you see "mosaic" pictures in hentai?).
This is an issue of "How mush freedom should we have?" and is far from sex game issue we talk about.

2. A piece of game contents.
Bed scenes in some games like Mass Effect. Most of them are implications and are just a piece of the games like movies and TV have. In this case, I think we should talk about "What age rating should this game have?" Each games have each cases.
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By the way, I think "Utawarerumono" is one of these video games. I don't wanna call it hentai even tough they were an adult game(I'm talking about PC version. PS2 version isn't included). They do have a fun gameplay!

3. Hotness(Not sex itself).
sexual scene8-1487790356879

Cleavage, kiss, panty shot, etc etc. Fan service is fun to some people but is annoying to anothers. Like 2, this is also an issue about age rating.

I think to rate all of these contents "Mature" is dangerous because it means kids will be exposed to these stuffs suddenly at legal age.
Moreover, we can't keep kids away from real cleavage walking on street. How many people believe that kids don't see mature tv programs and internet contents as long as their parents ban it?
I don't mean parents shouldn't ban it. I mean parents shouldn't be too confident of their way.

At last, my simple opinion is that THEY ARE JUST SEX!
Without psycological researches, we know porn is too bad to SOME people(some kids and some adults).
We can stop some crimes by banning all sexual products. But it's as impossible as banning all entertainments.
Psycology can't erase all seeds of crime(yet). We should make an effort to protect people with technological and physical methods. For example, we know we shouldn't let kids alone anywhere. But we let them alone and say it's a matter for parents or police. Why don't we change our social system?




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