Militaria condition caused Japanese love for young heroes?

I got this idea these days.
Some gamers hate child heroes because it's no realistic and this tendency is strong in western countries.(Forgive my categorization).
Then why do many Japanese gamers love this fantasy so much?
I noticed this issue may be related with the words "soldiers and citizen" but not "young men and old men".

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

For example, Dragon Quest heroes don't belong to military. Warriors and soldiers are their fellows but not hero's job. They are just "Hero"(Some of them are hero's son). Generally fights and wars are jobs for military no matter what world they live in. So it's natural to have questions like "What are the military doing while teenagers fights?" or "How come citizen teenagers can beat monsters when military can't?".

These questions are natural if you are conscious of the military. Well trained, experienced, middle age soldiers are stronger than young guys(even if they are also soldiers). But I think many Japanese aren't conscious of it so much in their life. As you know, Japan lost the war and our military broke up once and a military-like organization called Self Defence Force has beem made.(I think they have no difference though.....Please don't give me a lesson about these issue!) Our TV doesn't have cool military commercials like THAT country. Our movies don't have a "strong and cool military" unless robot anime is included.

In short, I think (Repeated. I think)Japanese are less interested in(or avoid) militaria issue even though there are some maniacs.

By the way, my idea is less likely than "It's because companies want to sell video games for children!!




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