A line made me wonder. "You found a herb."

you know numerous video games have this line.

You found a sword.
You found a shield.
You found an ink ribbon.

I guess native English speakers have no wonder about them.
But these lines always made me think "Who are YOU calling me?"
I thought the word "you" means me and there may be a commentator near the party.
One day, a guy taught me "you in this case doesn't mean something like "Hey, you!". It means common people but not specific one person".

My wonder had solved at that time.

By the way, Japanese translation of "I found a herb" is "yakusou wo te ni ireta". But this phrase means "found a herb" in English if it's translated literally. Yes. It has no subject.
Japanese often omits the subject. So we often say "found ***" as "I found ***" or "(s)he founds ***" or "they found ***" too.

I heard Spanish also omits the subjet but they can get the subject with conjugation of verbs. Japanese don't have conjugation like them. We always guess it with context. It must be troublesome to Japanese learners but all languages have mysteries. To me, "the singular third person needs S after verbs" in English is troublesome. Moreover, "I, you, he, she, they. all of them have each conjugations" in many western languages made me despair....




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