Nichijou ep.26(the last episode) Q and A


Q, Why was she there early on the morning? What was she doing?

A, I have no idea. But I guess she wanted to train igo soccer alone with him.


Q, Are Japanese pumpkins (kabocha squashes) so hard?

A, Yukko's one is an exaggeration but "Kabocha" peel is certainly hard. It's not easy to cut it. I don't know about squashes so much but "Pumpkin" reminds us of "hard peel" "green" "sweet taste" like Yukko has. Orange squash (like Jack-o'-Lantern) is no common in Japan. I guess there are many kinds of squashes and each countries have each common squashes.

OK. Nichijou Q and A is over. See you again if it has 2nd season(I hope so!). I don't know how helpful they are but I'll answer your questions about Nichijou if you have.




What do you think of Persona 4 the Animation?

Is sad nichijou ended,

But now Persona 4 the Animation is on this new Season.

What do you think of Persona 4 the animation?


Re: What do you think of Persona 4 the Animation?

I'm looking forward to Kanji's "bad bad buthhouse"!!
But p4 players like me already knew the full story. I wish I can watch this anime as a newbie.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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