Nichijou ep16. Q and A.

DO Japanese cafes really use Italian words like doppio?

I don't know why but Starbucks in Japan use Italian and English in menu. Short. Tall. Grande. Solo and Doppio. They may sound cool to people.

chicken bar
Why did the cashier laugh at Yukko?

Yukko ordered a chicken bar but she thought the catch phrase is a part of the name. I think the cashier must be fired!


What the hell are the weird erasers?

Some (10 or 20?) years ago, kinnikuman(an anime) characters shaped erasers had gotten popular in Japanese school students. It's hard to erase because it has less plastic to keep the shape. It's rather toys than erasers which children can bring to school.

What is kabutomushi Hakase said as a "cool word"

These insects.

Scary? But this is the most popular and coolest insect to Japanese children. I often went to mountains and caught insects like this. Ah, good old days!

Where was Mio going to go before she saw Yukko and the policeman?

I guess she was going to bring her manga to a publisher or something. Do you remember that Yukko told her she should become a manga artist? She might have been affected with it. I respect her guts!

baby star399

What is the snack Mio tried to give Yukko?

Baby Star Ramen. A Japanese snack. I bought it yesterday.
It's been more than 10 years from the last day I ate! Ah, Nichijou reminds me of my good old days.
The taste is.....Let's imagine to eat "chicken ramen" without hot water.
Tough and spicy. Not so bad.
Generally, anime don't show any snack names correctly because it may be against their sponsors and trademark rights(In Lucky Star, they say Pocky like "Po**y"). But, like Snickers, this anime ask companies to allow them to use names. This is very interesting.




No title

Ahhh Thank you for explaining that Doppio was Italian, I was thinking it was a madeup word! I understood Solo (Single) because my Native Language is Spanish, I really laugh at the expressions of Yuko.

Ahhh so there it exist real Characters Erasers!

and This Snack that tastes like Chiken Ramen without the water! it sells everywhere in Japan? or only around your area? the Baby Star Ramen.

Thank you very much for your Teachings!


Re: No title

> and This Snack that tastes like Chiken Ramen without the water! it sells everywhere in Japan?

I think most supermarkets sell it. This is one of famouse snacks in Japan. I bet most people know and have ever eaten it.
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Someone's work.


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