Nichijou Q & A

Q, Why does Yukko have snake skin in her wallet?

A, It's a Japanese myth that you can be rich if you have a slough of snake in wallet.
I googled it but nobody know the origin. Possibly this myth may have come from China.
(And the paper is just a sales slip)

Q, Can't Mio eat a roast fish without rice?

A, Generally speaking, Japanese meal have a habit called Shushoku(staple food) and Okazu(side dish). Carbohydrate like rice or bread is the main food in a meal, and "main dish" in English is the main side dish in Japan.(confusing?) Except drinkers, most Japanese eat japanese dish with rice.
You may see characters eating only roast fish in anime, but it's no common in reality.

Q, Snickers in ep 14 is an advertisement? Or just a joke?


A, It was used in original manga. But you can see the sponsor name in the ending roll. I don't know if they got money or not.





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So the Shushoku is the Rice? and Okazu the Roasted Fish?

I was confused a bit there.

I was surprised when I saw the "SNICKERS", I even told my friend "Now I want to eat Snickers, because HAKASE said you need one!"

I think Hakase is a very amazing Character!.

I have a question, I think it was on ep 12 or 13.

There was one part called 「名詞」 when Hakase gives a meishi to Sakamoto-san, and he was very Surprised. Can you please explain what happened with Sakamoto-san? Why he was surprised when Hakase gave him a meishi?

Thank you, for your teachings!


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>So the Shushoku is the Rice? and Okazu the Roasted Fish?

Yes. It's like the relation of breads and a pate of Hamburger. Bread is shushoku. Pate is Okazu. Nobody can imagine a hamburger without bread, right? To Japanese, a meal without rice is a hamburger without bread. No matter how good the pate is, it lacks the main component.

Meishi has two meanings. Noun and Business card(Japanese Salary-men love it). In that case, Hakase show him her (kiddy) business card. His reaction is like "Why on earth do you need to make it?"
and "Why on earth do you give me that?" and "What on earth do you want me to do or say?". In short, he is very confusing!
I think this "confusing but a little funny" feeling is what the Nichijou is.

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Thank you very much for teaching about Meishi.

Now I can laugh a lot! at the reaction of Sakamoto-san.
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Someone's work.


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