The reasons Japanese try to speak English to foreigners.

I noticed it's so annoying to foreigners that we tend to speak poor English when foreigners ask us something WITH JAPANESE.

As a Japanese, I apologize to victims for this. Would you allow me to tell some excuse?

1. Do they wanna practice to speak english?

No. Most people don't mean it except a few weird guys that you can see in every countries.

2. Do they think all foreigners speak English?

I have to say Yes. Many Japanese tend to have this stereotype though we know it's silly.

3. Do they think no foreigners can speak Japanese?

No. We know our English is terrible. We are no willing to use English but we don't know other way to speak to foreigners. This is the point. Our school teach us English but never teach us how to speak to foreigners. (this is one of problems our education system has).

Moreover, we don't have opportunity to communicate with foreign people. Let's imagine you are asking an elementary school girl who haven't ever seen foreign people. She must be panic. It's the same to 30 years old Japanese.

Japanese sometimes don't talk to you and try to talk to your Japanese companion. This is very rude and you may think (s)he is a racist. But please remember that we are still elementary school girls in the point of view of globalism.

And we have other reason. Probably you wonder why we don't LET you talk with Japanese language but we don't want to MAKE you talk with it. (You get me?). We try to speak their language but we tend to think foreigners speak English as I said. This favor works very badly.

Some must think "I hate it no matter what they think! Stop being racist!". I'd be no happy if I experience the same thing so I don't do it. But understanding is the same as misunderstanding. What we can do is to show them the way we like. If they don't like our way.....we have nothing to do. After all, if a boy dislikes a girl and she dislikes him, they don't go out on a date. That's it.

At last, I translated some of japanese comments about this.
"We wanna speak English as you wanna speak Japanese."
"We believe that foreiners believe everybody must speak English."
"I speak Japanese because I'm Japanese. I use it when foreiners ask me something with English in Skype."
"It's because we don't understand how much they understand it."
"Some must misunderstand that foreiners know only Konnichiwa."
"I think we tend to think foreiners don't like speaking Japanese."
"We must speak English oversea. But We must use Japanese without shame in Japan."
"Why the hell did a guy who lost the way speak only English to me!!?? Foreiners! Foreineeeeers!?"
"Did Somebody brainwash us as all whites speak English? Well, I know some foreiners don't speak English."
"I used English when a southeast asian guy asked me something. Yeah. I'm retard...."
"I always use Japanese. But they looks being confused even though I point the way they wanna go"
"I guess some foreiners misunderstand their Japanese are too good."
"I had a moment that a foreiner riding a bicycle said Konnichiwa to me. He said it suddenly so I couldn't say anything. Did he regard me a rude guy?"
"I know they respect me with speaking Japanese. So I wanna respect them as a return. The problem is that we don't know how to do it.
"I speak Japanese to them because I really don't know English."




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Yes, it is racist. If Japanese people live in other countries, they wish to be treated like normal people too. There are people who live half of their life in Japan, and are married to a Japanese person, and are still talked to in bad English or ignored. This is called racism/discrimination. It is very rude and bad manners, and the Japanese people have to learn to be kind to foreigners, the same as people in other countries do it. You would not want to be treated like an alien or monster after living - friendly and peacefully - in another country for a long time, or marrying a person from that country.

The only difference between Japanese and not Japanese is hair color or eye color, any smart person can learn about culture. It is very rude and racist of the Japanese to say "seeing foreigners is a shock", this is a lie, we all have internet, there is enough information and time to get to know how other people look like and how they live. You are writing in a blog online, it takes 5 seconds to open English news or English blogs, and learn about other people.

In many countries it is against the law to treat foreigners in a bad or rude way. People have to pay a lot of money or even end in prison if they are treating someone badly, only because they are too lazy to find information about other countries online (there should learn such things at school, but sometimes even the schools are racist)

If you treat someone, who is kind AND speaks perfect Japanese, as a monster or weirdo, then you ARE racist.

The racism and lies of the Japanese people are the reason why I do not want to visit Japan, despite many pretty and interesting places. It is all the fault of the uncivilized Japanese.

This is not a friendly or kind reply, but idiots (idiot=バカ) like you make me really angry, you just WANT that the Japanese are "not racist", and you find some insane "explanation". There are also real friendly people in Japan, but those who ignore a FRIENDLY and PERFECT JAPANESE question are RACIST and RUDE.

Re: No title

Thanks for your reply!
I prefer guys trying to talk to me with wrong way than guys who talk friendly and pick my pocket.
I respect your faith. and I have a faith that ignorance isn't a sin(it's dangerous though) and equality doesn't mean having a common idea but means respecting each ideas no matter what.
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Someone's work.


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