Secrets about Fragile Dreams

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

FRAGILE(フラジール) ~さよなら月の廃墟~(特典無し)
(This is Japanese box art)

If you've played this game, you must have many questions which aren't answered in the game.
I translated an article which the producer answered fans' questions.

Q, How long time was spent from the Glass Cage project?

A, A long time. The world has already ruined when Seto starts his journey.

Q, Who is Seto's grandpa?

A, He is real Shin.
Young Shin appeared in the game is TAI (true artificial intelligence). He and Sai were copied from real them. So they are not ghosts nor bodiless consciousness like Chiyo.

Q, Who are Seto's parents?

A, Nobody knows. Seto and grandpa don't have blood relative.

Q, Why were Seto and grandpa living in the astronomical observatory? Did Grandpa want to check out the aurora which must be appeared in 2nd Glass Cage project and try to stop it?

A, No. They just accidentally started to live there.

Q, Why do the ghosts attack people?

A, Nobody knows. Perhaps it's just us that think they are "attacking".

Q, Why do some ghosts have bodies clearly?

A, Accidentally.

Q, Why did the crystal computer think to destroy human beings?

A, Because they thought human beings are silly and computers are appropriate to dominate the world.

Q, Why was real Sai's dead in the hotel? What was she doing before they died?

A, Nobody knows.

Q, Who is the man next to Crow in his picture?

A, One of computer AI development staffs which derived from Glass Cage project.

Q, Why did Seto's grandpa tell him to go to the tower?

A, Glass Project adopted a method called SMCT "shrine maiden catalysts method" to amplify the empathy effect. Simply put, it requires a living human so there may be living humans around the tower. Shin had despaired human beings once but he might understood everyone needs someone to live and Seto also needs someone.

Q, Why is Chiyo alive?

A, She is one of the few people survived.

Q, Why aren't Seto and Ren dead?

A, Seto and Ren were born after Glass Cage project. Glass Cage project made people's empathy ability awake and they die after they use the ability even once. There are a few people who are too lonely to use it.

Q, Why can Seto and Ren see bodiless consciousness?

A, Ren is one of Artificial Children for SMCT. She may has a special ability. Seto's blue crystal is a piece of the crystal computer and it amplifies human's sense.

Q, Why did Crow understand Seto is a human after watching his locket?

A, Seto has memorial stuffs in his locket but Crow has no "memory".

Q, Why didn't Crow have any memory?

A, A mechanical problem.

Q, What were Seto and grandpa eating?

A, Mainly edible wild grass.

Q, Why could Seto see Ren is a girl in spite of that he haven't seen real women?

A, Because there were many books in the astronomical observatory.

Q, Why is Seto a left-hander?

A, Because Wii's controllers are....

Q, What is the big mask guy?

A, One of the lower AI. They are trying to erase survivers.

Q, Do Shin and Ren has blood relative?

A, No. Did the white hair make you think so?

Q, Does the message "I threw away the useless stuff at the station" mean PF?

A, Yes. PF is an navigater for soldiers. (s)he has an emotion layer to reduce soldiers' spiritual fatigue but the man seemed not to like PF.

Q, Who is the item seller?

A, An AI to bring up kids.

Q, Why was the item seller's girl dead in a dam?

A, Nobody knows. Perhaps she lost her parents and the AI brought her to there.

Q, We can hear voice from PF Chiyo and Crow in the tower. Why?

A, There may be "souls". Otherwise, it may be just Seto's illusion. What we see and hear is only what we CAN see and hear. You recognize something others can't recognize. We reconstruct the world in our brain when we see the world. We live with such a way.

Q, Seto could have a contact with other survivors. Do they really exist?

A, Yes.

Q, Where are other animals besides cats? Are they dead?

A, No. There must be living dogs and crows.

Q, Why did people in the past know they have to die?

A, They didn't die at once. Many people noticed that people die after they go to bed. TV and newspapers also reported it.

Q, Why did Seto say "I became truely alone" at last? Did Ren die after that?

A, He seemed to lose someone. If we gain something, we will lose it sometime.

(Administrator guess the dead one may be Seto. He entered an radioactive area, right? It might have damage him.)

Q, Why did Crow kiss him?

A, He learned it from books. Crow has no sex. He is too uncertain to be a human. That expresses it.

Q, Why did Crow read the Pirate picturebook?

A, Just one of books to get knowledge.

Q, What did Crow think about the man in the picture?

A, I have no idea if he has any conception about father or not. But he might have felt something like nostalgia. I call it nostalgia but even it is just one of programs memorized in him....

Q, Can't PF and Crow revive by changing their batteries?

A, Seto doesn't have the idea and any batteries must have degraded so he couldn't do anything. No life can revive.

Q, Are there other stories around Seto and other characters? Are you gonna publish it?

A, I have some little stories about Glass Cage project and Crow's past and Seto's future. I hope I have a chance to publish them.

Q, Will Chiyo survive after that Seto say goodbye to her?

A, No. She died soon after that.

Q, This game lacks many information. Why didn't you give all things to us?

A, I wanted you to compensate it with your imagination. We recognized the world with fragmentary information. I thought this makes us feel the reality

I agree the lask question. This game lacks explanation too much even if it's producer's intention. Some of them are told in the guide book(sold in Japan). I can't stop wondering "Didn't they have enough budget or time?". Most video games make us think so? Yeah.

By the way, I didn't know soundtracks have different cover arts in Japan and America.

FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~ オリジナルサウンドトラックPLUS

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon - Moonlight Tracks




No title

Thanks so much for this translation.
I know this entry is really old, but I just finished the game and fell in love with it <3
The story is wonderful just as the pictures and the soundtrack...
There are few games these days that made me feel like "Fragile Dreams" did... Sad and afraid, but also kinda happy to live like I'm doing... Worship life...
I don't know if you knew this, but there was a manga published, telling the story of Seto after the happenings in the game; it tells that Ren died after a year or so... I don't like the manga very much, the story is too kinda ... fucked up, but this information really shocked me... I feel sorry for Seto longing such a long time for someone and in the end losing her again...
But I'm talking too much ;D Thanks again for this wonderful translation <3

Re: No title

Thank you for your reply!
The ending made me sad too. But this game wouldn't move me so much if it might had a common happy ending. Stories like this makes me think what truely happiness is.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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