Happy Birthday Song In Japan.

I didn't notice this until I saw a question "What is the birthday song in Japan?". Japanese sing Happy Birthday IN ENGLISH. I think this is mysterious.
For example, we sing "Jingle Bells" "My Grandfather's Clock" "The Other Day, I Met a Bear" "Dona Dona" in Japanese. I know that you know Japanese would like to use English in songs and talks. But there are also many translated songs and literatures.
I guess Happy Birthday is only one full English song that many Japanese sing. Why has nobody ever translated Happy Birthday? Because it's too short?
Oh! I have another thing to talk. In old days, there were no Birthday song, no birthday present, no birthday cake in Japan. Japanese didn't have birthday except some upper-class people. Their ages increased on the first day of the year(This was not the Christian era). This system was changed in 1902. I heard this system was used in many east asian countries.




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