Punny names in Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

I found a man who said "This game doesn't have punny character names like Phoenix Wright".

Most foreigners don't notice it but characters in this game DO have punny names...in Japanese!

At first, pronunciation of Sissel means "die" in old Japanese.

Lynne means "cycles of life"

Kanon (Japanese version of Kamila) is close to Kannon(muddhist deity of mercy)

Jowd means "Pure Land" in Japanese Buddhism.

Cabanela means "deads"

And other most characters also have punny meaning in Japanese.




Ohhh Thank you for the Info!

Thank you for this info,

I found it very interesting this game, and with you telling me about this info, it makes sense many things with these characters in the game.

Therefore, I take off my hats to you!

Awesome News you always bring!

Sorry I haven't read you lately!

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You are welcome!
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Someone's work.


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