A characteristic of Japanese house.

Let's guess a difference between Japanese house and western house.

k-on genkan

oreimo genkan

deathnote genkan

You get? You can't see the living room or other rooms from the front door.
This is not a rule but Japanese don't like the idea that connecting front door to living room directly.

full house
(I love Full House)

I know there are various western houses but I guess western people don't care as much as Japanese(or Asians? I don't know other countries' cases).

Japanese tend to hide the living room from visitors. It's very private to us. We rarely let people enter home unless they are very close. Home party is also rare in Japan.

By the way, do you know "Clock Tower II The Struggle Within"?
I like this game.
The entryway is very Japanaese.
clocktower genkan

But this dining room is too big.
Don't think typical Japanese family has such a dining room unless they are millionaire. Most Japanese house don't have a fireplace nor central heating!

Clock Tower II The Struggle Within




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