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Sometimes we see animes which refer to wolves. And I saw a question "Are there wolves in Japan?". So I'm gonna talk about the relation between Japanese and wolves.
At first, there WERE wolves in Japan.
They had become extinct about 100 years ago. The reason is unknown but some researchers insist the causes were the rabies and/or extermination by humans and/or Canine distemper virus which came from imported western dogs. But I bet humans are responsibe for it.
In old days, Japan was an agricultural society. People didn't raise sheeps nor goats(They didn't even exist in Japan) and wolves ate harmful boars so they were grateful animals to them. Even now many Japanese rarely eat sheep nor goat(I haven't ever eaten them). Umm....I leave details to Google!
After all, wolves are mysterious, strong, proud and a symbol of the lost nature. There is a rumor that wolves are living in the mountains secretly. I think Japanese are hoping it is true. At least there is no proof of the nonexistence of them!
By the way, there were another wolves called Ezo wolf(or Hokkaido wolf). They had become extinct too but there is an opinion that Ezo wolves are living in Kunashiri island(one of the northernmost islands in Japan). This is interesting but we can't make an inquiry because there is a territorial issue between Japan and Russia around this island. I don't comment about this issue.
I don't mind fighting with 1.13 million russian soldiers if I can see a wise wolf who transforms to a cute girl in this island. But we'd better to leave the nature just as it is.
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