high school boys only play baseball or save the world?

I found a comment that "high school boys in anime don't do anything but only play baseball or save the world".

There are many other sports anime/manga but I admit sports and fantasy(saving the world) is a trend in shonen anime/manga.

There are some exceptions like "Hikaru No Go". It may be difficult to create exciting works if they do board games and arts. "This is checkmaaaaaate!!!" Umm, sounds weird.

There are many "slice of life" anime/manga by girls. "Azumanga Daioh" is the shining example? It's so cute. But can they create such works with shonen(boys)?

I found a perfect exmaple.
男子高校生の日常 1 (ガンガンコミックスONLINE)
"Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou"
(Days of high school boys)

No sports. No fantasy. No shinigami. No Aizen. As the title said, it's a slice of life with shonen. But I've not ever read it because I prefer fantasy!




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"This is checkmaaaaaate!!!" Umm, sounds weird.
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