sakki(killing intense) in anime

There are many scenes such as "a character notices someone or something get closer to him/her though he don't see nor hear anything" in many anime. This is called kehai or sakki in Japanese. I think sakki means kehai which includes a will to murder. Sometimes these words are used in the samurai movie or TV drama too(I think blind characters often use these words).

It doesn't mean many Japanese have ESP.

Hmmm...I guess these ideas are somewhere between ESP and normal function of the brain.
kehai doesn't translate well into English.
Feeling too much?
Of course these things in anime are fictions after all. But many Japanese expect(not believe) that humans and lives have mysterious functions which can't be explained by science.
By the way, sakki is used in Persona 4. Did you notice that? I'm very sure you didn't because it was translated as "Who is that !"
When Yosuke feel someone is there, he said "Sakki !" in Japanese version. Hmm it doesn't mean Kuma was trying to kill him, but Yosuke must has felt something unpleasant is around him.

Well this is not related with the topic but do you know how to see through others' lies? If they are glancing at opposite side of their dominant hand (left side if they are right handed) while they are telling you something, they are very likely to be making up a story. I noticed that I'm also doing this.
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