Author of Black Lagoon is angry about leaking manga.

Black Lagoon, Vol. 9

Rei Hiroe the mangaka of Black Lagoon told his feeling about leaking manga on the twitter.

I translated his sentence.

"I don't link to this site because I never want to, though, I saw a guy who pride himself by leaking whole series of a manga with zip. I wonder how his parents educated him. Anyway, I hope he will get pancreas cancer or something like that."

I expected that he must say "I'm gonna shoot his skull 6 times and explode his ass with dynamite!!" like his characters. But pancreas cancer?

I guess he was talking about internal leak but his feeling is very natural even if it's about international leak. There are some people who can't obtain official works in their country but we should think it can't be permitted forever.




No title

Nice to see you Back!

Thank you for this Information!

I didn't know about it!

So he really wants the person to die in a very painful way with the pancreas cancer?

Any other news?

Re: No title

> So he really wants the person to die in a very painful way with the pancreas cancer?
> Any other news?

He may exaggerated his feeling but I don't think he feels of guilt if his request is granted.
And author of HELLSING replied him with "I hope he and his silly worshippers get so mysterious and lethal disease that future doctors is annoyed or laugh out loud."
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Someone's work.


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