Guess who! (Dragonlance)

ドラゴンランス〈3〉城砦の赤竜 (角川つばさ文庫)

I give you some hints.
She is a character in Dragonlance.
She is a skilled fighter, a brilliant tactician, and an inspirational leader though she is also headstrong and willful and often allows her heart to rule her head.

You got it?
The answer is....

Laurana Kanan

Be calm! Some Japanese fans also complain about it but this cover was desined for paperback novel for children. They seemed to change character designs A LITTLE.

Normal one is also sold.
ドラゴンランス秘史 青きドラゴン女卿の竜




I think the new version isn't bad.
In fact, I came to know Dragonlance from that series. And now I'm a big fan of The Heroes Of The Lance.
But unfortunately, most adult versions had gone out of print exept The War of Souls and The Lost Chronicles!
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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