About the cross dressing contest in Persona 4

We know that many events in video games are fictions. There is not any Ninja nor Samurai in present Japan. Many children lives with parents. Nobody make a harem (as far as I know).
But some of them are true. The cross dressing contest in Persona 4 is not a complete fiction. Sometimes we do it as an entertainment.
I did it in my highschool.(lol)
Hmm...It never mean all schools do it. I don't know how cross dressing is considered in your country but I feel western people care gender things excessively. My highschool did it as one of costume party. It's not anything but a joke.
However, it doesn't mean there is no prejudice against those people in Japan. If homosexual things and cross dressing are not a joke, many people can't stop thinking "They are weird". But we don't think it's so shocking.
I don't know how foreign people feel about them. Do they feel religional hate? If so, Japanese don't feel that. After all, it doesn't mean they murdered someone.




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Here in America, it depends on the people you're with. If you're crossdressing on Halloween, people will play along and think of it as a joke. Anytime else, they'll think you're weird or gay. Some regions show different levels of hostility.
Recently where I live, the State revoked homosexuals the right to marry apparently with the argument that it will encourage kids to adopt the gay lifestyle.

Re: Nanaya

Oh. Some people do it on Halloween?
I thought they can't do it even on Halloween. Thanks for your info!
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