Women with scar on face get much more insurance money than men?

In Japan, one trial told it's sexual discrimination that men who have scar on face get cheaper insurance money than women.

Now's insurance law for the handicap.
Men with scar on face. Class 7.
Women with scar on face and men with terrible scar on face. Class 12.
Women with terrible scar on face. Class 14.

This is certainly against sexual equality. But in old days people had no question to this law. This news made me feel times have changed. But there are few female anime characters with scar, compared to male. We think male characters with scar is cool. But women are....umm Will this change someday?

Black Lagoon Volume 2

Oh, you are the one.




Amazing! Scar!

Amazing! I didn't know Scar was considered Handicap!

and Balalaika is the best Women with terrible Scar!

thank you for the Info!
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Someone's work.


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