Ads on Wekly Shonen Jump

There are many ads around us. Of course We (Japanese readers) see ads in Shonen Jump too. I introduce recent them on the back cover of Shonen jump to you.


Lost Planet 2.
The big characters are saying as "Over D Class attacks".
D means the Dreadnought of warship. We often use this "D class" as oversize. Old people used it to warships and the word itself has survived even though most people don't know what the D means.
I don't play TPS nor FPS(It doesn't mean I hate them) so I'm not interested in it.


A fishing game in the mobile phone.
These men are famous Japanese comedians.


Wired? I feel it's an odd name.
This ad proves that Shonen Jump readers are not only kids but also matured people. This is an important factor to manga authors too. Why? They need to get popularity and make readers buy their articles. Manga for matured readers. Manga for unmatured readers. They need to choose their target.(You'll get what I mean if you've read Bakuman)

What I truly want to say is that manga itself is one of ads. Authors want readers to get to like their works and BUY it. Authors can't (and don't want to)continue to draw their works if nobody buy them.




Welcome Back!


Long time no see!

Thank you for the information! I didnt know shonen jump had Ads!

What other things have you seen on Ads?

I am Glad you are back Posting! I was worrying you were too Busy! and didn't want to Post!

Again Welcome Back! v-218
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