Persona 4 Japanese and American difference Part 7

In Japanese version, Yosuke doesn't call Yukiko "Yukiko-san". And he doesn't call Chie "Chie". He calls their last names "Amagi" and "Satonaka". Hmm...This is very hard to explain. It doesn't mean Japanese human relations are so complicated (I guess).
We too think Calling last name is unnatural between friends. But when we call the opposite sex "first name", it often means very close relations or love relations. Yeah. I said "often". This is not a rule. Yukiko and Chie call Kanji "Kanji-kun" in Japanese version too, and this is okay,
AHHHH! After all, this is hard to explain. On the contrary, we don't understand why English speakers often call people by the first name. If you want to know the details, let's google it!
By the way, I refer to Nanako's "Big bro" too. I don't know why, but Japanese male otaku is very happy to be called Oniichan(Big bro) by a young female character (I don't know women's case). Sounds perverted? I guess this feeling is close to that a father is called "Daddy" by a daughter. It may make us think something like "I must protect her!". Let's remember Chie's case. She was able to feel relieved by being needed by a friend. Maybe this is one of such feelings.
Oh! There is a good example! Have you ever watched Utawarerumono? If so, you must know at least how cute when you are called "Daddy"!!
Utawarerumono: Complete Box Set




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Can I make a request? What was "Witch Detective" in the original Japanese version? I have a feeling it's another Digital Devil Story reference like the game in P3.

Re: Nanaya

Requests and opinions are always welcome!
(though I can't promise I answer everytime....)

In Japanese, the name of this book is "majokko tantei raburiin"
(Little Witch Detective, Loveleen)
This is not a reference. To Japanese, this name is childish and sounds like
shojo manga such as Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon.
So this is a joke as "How come did you take this book, Ichijo?"
I think Witch Detective is not a good translation.
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