My impression about The Wind Rises.


We can't stop wars. That's all.

OK. Why did I think so?
This protagonist couldn't stop building planes.
He couldn't stop loving an woman.
He couldn't stop smoking.
He was no evil. Most people were no evil.
But they are the origin of wars.

He tried to go out to smoke because his wife was sick(and dying) in a scene.
But she asked him to smoke next to her and he accepted it. Why?
They knew she would die even if he stopped smoking.

He tried to give foods to poor kids but he didn't do it again(as far as I watched).
He knew he couldn't save all kids in the country.
He knew the war would happen even if he stopped building planes.

Some must think he should have done something better.
People in the future must think the same thing about us.
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