A Japanese weird customary. EHOMAKI

There is an weird customary in some regions in Japan.

It's called EHOMAKI.


Manner is here.
On 2 February, you turn to EHO(A lucky direction on the year decided by feng shui(Chinese geomancy))
and eat sushi roll.
Then you can be lucky in the year.


But this customary seems to be getting popular.
I checked out how many times it's searched with Google Trends.

Many people searched this word in these days.
I know this phenomenon is caused by some companies' advertisement.
Yeah. They just want to sell sushi.
This is the same as Valentine Day("Buy our chocolate, you consumers" day in Japan).

I'm not complaining! It's just business.
We can enjoy it as long as we know it has no special power as much as Valentine Day.
But it's so funny to imagine that many people eat sushi roll on the same day, same direction.

By the way, Google Trends is so fun!
I'm checking out many words.
This is "Halloween" serach in Japan.
This word is also getting popular.(Thanks for candy companies!)

This is "Christmas" search.
It's been already popular in Japan.
But it was decreasing until 2010 and is increasing from that year.
I don't know what's happened.

Can you guess what this word is?
"Kuroko no basuke"!!
It's gotten popular so much when the anime started on April 2012.
(To be honest, this work didn't interest me)
We can learn how much people affected by TV anime.
I rarely watch TV nowadays but it's still the greatest advertisement.
A Japanese Otaku. Recent favorite is Spice And Wolf.

Someone's work.


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